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Guild D40 BG w/ Pickup SOLD

First up, we have a true powerhouse: the D40 Bluegrass Jubilee. Representing Guild’s take on a true classic, this guitar has all the warmth, punch, and clarity a dreadnought player could want. With its thumpy lower midrange, it has a distinctly ‘vintage’ sound; reminiscent of those J-45s from the 50’s we’ve all drooled over at one point or another. The scalloped spruce bracing allows lots of movement from the top, giving the D40 BG a great amount of volume, and i bit more presence in the attack and note fundamental than I usually expect from a guitar with so much ‘warmth’.


Gibson ES-330TDC 1964 (Consignment) SOLD

Here is a beautiful ES-330 from the mid 60’s. At one point this guitar had a stop tail piece and two posts have been installed underneath the holes in the top which are now filled. The Brazilian rosewood fretboard has lovely dark grain lines and feels super smooth. The set up and neck profile on this guitar is so nice it plays like butter!


Gibson ES-175 Steve Howe 2005 (Consignment) SOLD

“Howe sweet” is this ES-175 signature from the Yes axe man! This 16″ hollow body features Gibson 57 Classic humbuckers a beautiful Tobacco burst finish framed by cream colored body binding. The medium elliptical neck is easy to play and the guitar is in excellent overall shape with only very minor cosmetic play wear.


Gibson ES-345 1975 (Consignment) SOLD

This Gibson 16″ semi hollow body features a dark walnut finish which is beautifully framed by the aged cream colored body binding. The tuners and tail piece have been changed and this guitar now looks even more like its famous sibling the ES335. The finish and frets have only minor play wear and the low profile neck and excellent set up make this guitar play like butter!


Gibson ES-335 2003 (Consignment) SOLD

There is a reason why the ES-335 has been around so long with only minor changes to its design! It is not only one cool looking guitar but it plays great and offers a sound that appeals to a wide variety of players. This 2003 version has only a little bit of cosmetic wear and tear and play really fast with its low profile neck shape. Beware you might have to fight me for this one!!


Gibson ES-345 1959 (Consignment) SOLD

The late 50’s were a pivotal point in the evolution of Gibson guitars. Their innovative thinline electric design with a solid wood block inside the hollow body gave players the sustain of a solid body and the looks and feel of a hollowbody. The ES 345 added the concept of a stereo guitar with a Vari-Tone circuit which provided six different preset tones. This beautiful first year ES-345 has had a few minor modifications and a bit of general play ware. When you pick up a guitar like this you can almost feel the history and incredible musical vibes running through your hands!



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