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Similar in spirit to the double cutaway Mira model, the single cutaway Starla has many vintage themed appointments and is PRS Guitars’ first solidbody electric guitar featuring a standard Bigsby B5 tail piece and a Grover Tune-O-Matic bridge. The guitar also includes exclusive Starla Treble and Bass pickups.


Gretsch Electromatic G5810 Bo Diddley

In a world of copycat designs and guitar look-alikes, why not dare to be different? Finished in blazing red, the Electromatic Bo Diddley features two chrome humbucker pickups, a maple bolt-on neck with rosewood fingerboard, an adjustable bridge, volume and tone controls plus master tone control and a master volume control, a 3 way pickup selector, and die cast tuners. The distinctive rectangular body measures 9 1/4″ x 17 3/4″ x 1 3/4″.


Guild F47mATB SOLD

Okay, we all know that the sound of a guitar is its most important attribute. Then again, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a guitar that’s easy on eyes, does it? Well call me superficial, but I was in love with this Guild F47mATB before I had even played it. The best part is, it sounds even better than it looks! Everything I love about the F47R follows over to the F47mATB, but with a slightly brighter voicing. There is a hint more compression to the low end, giving the guitar a bell like ring that just sings. I never like to pick favorites (I think players should approach every new guitar with open eyes), but if someone were to twist my arm into naming my pick from the bunch, I wouldn’t not choose the F47mATB…… Cough, cough…


Guild D40 BG SOLD

This guitar is the same as the D40 BG, without the pickup, and with a more traditional natural finish. With no sunburst to cover it, the clear tight grain of the adirondack spruce top really shines. With its minimalistic detailing and top-notch construction, the D40 BG can proudly stand among the J45s, D18s, and DN5s that stand at the top of the list of classic workhorse dreadnoughts.


Guild F50R SOLD

The beauty of a Jumbo Body guitar is its ability to give out a lot of volume, but with a much clearer tone than a dreadnought. The Guild F-50R has a rich, smooth low end, but a far less overwhelming midrange than other ‘power’ guitars. This makes it an ideal instrument for many singer/songwriters; the guitar has great projection, but it manages to stay out of a vocalists way at the same time. The high end will ring out over top vocals or other instruments, while the bass provides enough sonic foundation to keep things sounding full.


Guild F47R SOLD

I’ve always been attracted to a guitar that gives you a lot of sound even with a soft touch. There’s something amazing about playing an instrument that really responds to every subtle little shift of your fingers; it makes you feel like there is one less wall between the sound in your head and what the rest of the room will hear. The Guild F47R is one such guitar. It will never be the loudest guitar in the room, but it has a beautiful sustain at any volume, even with the softest strum you can manage. The narrow waist and smaller lower bout of this Grand Orchestra Model help keep the volume and projection consistent across the entire fingerboard. The Spruce top with Rosewood back and sides combine to create an airy, open, expansive sound that stays clear and defined even at the low end.



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