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Founded in 1896, the Gibson Guitar Corporation is one of the world’s leaders in the production of electric and acoustic guitars. Based in Nashville Tennessee, Gibson continues their tradition of building high end, hand made instruments. Over the years, Gibson has expanded to a total of 4 factories across the USA, each focusing on a different branch of Gibson guitars.

Gibson USA

Gibson’s primary production facility, “Gibson USA” is located in Nashville Tennessee. The largest of Gibson’s factories, Gibson USA produces between 400-450 guitars per day. Despite the high level of production, a great deal of the work done in this factory is still done by hand. Binding is hand-wrapped, pickups are hand-built, and finishes are hand-sprayed. Gibson USA focuses on solid-body electric guitar production; Gibson Les Paul Standards, Les Paul Studios, Les Paul Traditionals, Les Paul Supremes, Gibson SGs, Explorers, Firebirds, Flying Vs, and countless limited edition models.

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Nashville Custom Shop

Located just a few miles away from the Gibson USA factory, the Nashville Custom Shop is the production center for Gibson’s historic reissue solid-body electric guitars. The ‘VOS’ series of reissue Les Paul and SG guitars are all built in this facility. Guitars such as the  ’58 Les Paul VOS, ’60 Les Paul Special VOS, ’57 Black Beauty Les Paul VOS, ’61 SG/Les Paul VOS, and many more. The Nashville Custom Shop is also the home of the legendary “Les Paul Custom” guitar, as well as several of Gibson’s most prestigious models. Hand-carved archtop guitars such as the Gibson Byrdland and the Le Grande are all produced here. Home to some of the most experienced luthiers in the world, the Nashville Custom Shop is also responsible for dozens of high-profile artist’s custom models every year. From Johnny A to Alex Lifeson, many top artists and performers have their instruments built at the Nashville Custom Shop.

As of 2010, the Nashville Custom Shop is also the center of Gibson’s “Bluegrass” production, which includes several models of Banjos and Mandolins.

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Memphis Custom Shop

Opened in 2001, the Memphis Custom Shop specializes in the production of Gibson’s many laminate-construction archtop guitars. Iconic models such as the ES 335, ES 175, ES 330L, and more recent models such as the ES 339 and ES 359. Despite the recent construction of the factory, the Memphis Custom Shop still uses many of the same traditional guitar making techniques that were used when building these historic models in the 1950s and 60s. Even the same machinery is used to press the laminate tops and backs.

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Gibson Acoustic

Located in Bozeman Montana, the Gibson Acoustic factory is dedicated to the production of Gibson’s many flat-top acoustic guitar models. Gibson J45s, Hummingbirds, Doves, Songwriter Deluxe models, and many more are all hand made, using solid wood construction. The Gibson Acoustic division also handles a wide range of artist signature models, from Keb Mo to Brad Paisley.

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