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Vega No 2 Open Back Banjo

The Vega Tub-ba-phone banjo is unquestionably one of the most unique banjos in the history of this young and growing instrument. Touted by some as the ultimate banjo tone, it is prized for its full, round and yet sparkling tone and for its depth, responsiveness and power. For years only affluent collectors could afford Tu-ba-phone banjos made early in the 20th century and anyone who wanted one would search and pay premium prices for these coveted instruments. Those days are gone. The new Vega No.2 Tub-ba-phone is the first of a new breed of traditional style banjos that offer all the dynamics, sparkle, power, depth, full tone and more.

Price: $3989 CAD

Vega Olde Tyme Wonder Frailing / Clawhammer Banjo

The Deering company of Lemon Grove California has been one of the most respected manufacturer of high-end banjos for decades. Their Vega line of open-back clawhammer banjos are packed with features and priced very modestly.

Price: $1789 CAD

Vega by Deering: Woodsongs George Grove Long Neck / Short Neck Banjo

I’ve always loved the big E tuning on long neck banjos but at 5’ 7” tall, I’ve found these 32” scale length necks just too big to handle.


Deering Vega Senator Banjo

The Vega Senator banjo is the perfect “crossover” and parlor banjo. It is a light-weight, classic open back banjo, with a warm, woody tone with a lightweight tone ring that adds just enough punch and high-end clarity to play bluegrass with your buddies but warm, fat and woody enough to play in your parlor as a classic clawhammer or fingerstyle solo instrument.

Price: $1989 CAD

Deering John Hartford Banjo

For the Hartford Model, Greg Deering’s years of experience with various woods combined with John Hartford’s research into the design of vintage banjos culminated in the idea of using a “Grenadillo tone-ring” made from a wood used on marimbas. This unique tone-ring is mounted on a three-ply maple rim with a zinc flange to create lighter weight (8 lbs instead of 11or 12) banjo; a very good choice for bluegrass as well as other styles! The Hartford sounds like a vintage pre-war banjo when new but also as it ages, it “plays-in” like a violin and gains in volume and presence the more it is played. We’ve seen it out-do even the best bronze tone-ring banjos in jam sessions!

Price: $4479 CAD

Deering Sierra Tenor Banjo

So why is the Sierra the most popular tenor banjo in the Deering line? Greg Deering says it best … “No one can buy a better banjo! They could buy a fancier one but not a better one. The satin finished mahogany neck is made the same as every one of our necks – fast, comfortable, and precise. A masterpiece of playability! The pot or drum assembly is the best quality money can buy. It has our 3-ply maple rim, our top quality sand-cast virgin bell bronze tone-ring, and our own one piece cast zinc flange. In fact, it is the exact same pot we use on most of our more expensive banjos all the way up to the Gabriella!

Price: $2649 CAD
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